What is a Brow Shaping Gel and How to use it?  

Eyebrows are an important part of the face; it provides an aesthetic appeal as well as a functional purpose to prevent sweat, water and debris to fall into one’s eye socket. Eyebrows can give a face a whole new look with their shape, color, fullness, or position. Eyebrows can be shaped with an arch, a point, a flat line, and can be either thin or thick. They can also be dyed in different colors or be the original color that the person’s hair is in. Eyebrows become thicker once an individual goes through puberty. Eyebrows are also important because it allows an individual to express emotions such as being surprised or frowning when upset. Eyebrows play a vital role in facial communication and expression and with shaping the face. Eyebrows frame the eyes and as we have all heard: “the eyes are the window to the soul.” Many individuals like their eyebrows to be shaped a certain way in order to complement their eyes and the rest of their face.

Eyebrows go through different trends just like clothes. The trend can change either monthly or yearly. One year thin eyebrows are the new “in” and another year thicker eyebrows are the new “in.” The look that many women and even men urge for either come from their ethnicity or culture or from fashion magazines from all around the world.


There are different mechanisms to shape the eyebrows. One can use tweezers manually or electrically, wax, or thread. Individuals choose different appliances based on pain tolerance as well as desired outcome. Many individuals who have a higher pain tolerance do not have a preference in which mechanism is used shape their eyebrows, and some may get used to the pain while others use the motto: “beauty is pain.” Discussing the different appliances that can be used to aid in shaping the eyebrow, there are also different cosmetic tools to aid in shaping, defining, giving the eyebrows a well-maintained look. We will be discussing brow-shaping gel in particular.

Brow shaping gel is used by many to create a thicker brow to give the eyebrow hairs a more textured and fuller look. Brow shaping gel comes in either a clear gel or a tinted color to fill in areas that may have fewer hairs to fulfill a thicker textured look. Brow shaping gel can be applied with or without an eyebrow pencil or powder. Whether or not you have applied a pencil or a powder to fill in the eyebrows, you can then apply the clear brow gel in the direction that your eyebrow hairs are growing.


Another method is to apply the brow shaping gel first, to keep the hairs in place then apply a pencil or a powder to get that full and thick look that you may be trying to achieve. Eyebrow shaping gel is also used widely to keep the eyebrow hairs in place for those hairs that like to move around or curl up or down. Thus, another brow shaping gel steps are as follows: to apply the lighter brow color by dipping the brush into the gel (with the color) to outline the desired look of the eyebrow, then fill in the eyebrow, next, brush out the eyebrows to blend the edges, and finally, set the eyebrows with clear or tinted eyebrow mascara.

Brow shaping gel can come in different shades as well: clear or tinted. Everyone can use clear brow shaping gel and its purpose is to give that youthful look as well as to keep the eyebrow hairs in place. Also, it can be used to set the color of the eyebrow look if a pencil or a shadow was used. Tinted brow shaping gel has the same uses as the clear shaping gels, but with added benefits. That being, it provides a thicker, bulkier look for the eyebrows with pigment and keeps the hairs in place.


Either brow shaping gel used will provide benefits for your eyebrows. Just remember the steps for clear brow shaping gel: groom your eyebrows, fill your eyebrows with pencil or powder, then apply the (clear) brow shaping gel in the direction that your eyebrow hairs grow. The steps for tinted brow shaping gel are as follows: outline the eyebrow for the desired shape with pencil or powder, fill in the eyebrows with the desired color, then apply the tinted brow shaping gel to help blend the color and to hold the hairs in place. Both looks provide benefit for the eyebrows and either steps will give you that youthful, clean, and finished look without having to worry about your eyebrow hairs moving anywhere!

Eyebrow shape, color, and position can really make a statement and change your facial feature with any changes you may make to them. Using a brow shaping gel will secure your eyebrow hairs and will set in the eyebrow look you are looking to achieve.