Rave Outfit Ideas to Get Your Rave Outfit Right

Many people wonder what kind of outfit they should wear to a rave party, especially when it’s their first one. The reason a rave party calls for a different type of outfit is that it’s held in a completely different environment than other parties.

But how do party-goers define the right rave outfit? Let’s find out below.

Outfit Ideas for Girls

As we said, rave parties take place in a completely different environment. It’s very dark in a rave party, and the only kind of lighting that the place has are laser lights and strobes.

This means that a bright, colorful outfit is considered ideal for a rave party, as anything else would struggle to maintain its existence there.


You have probably heard people wear things on their head as well in a rave party, which is true. The most popular option here is an LED hoodie, with the other party accessories spotted at a rave party being rave masks, LED sunglasses, light-up hoods and more.


We have already explained one factor to consider for your outfit above. The other thing is that something that’s also light-reflecting besides being bright and colorful is believed to be an even better option.


The best bet here is considered to be those cool LED rave gloves. If you can afford to spend some more, then you would also have the sound activated ones as an option for your hands.


Just like the tops, people wear bright bottoms as well. The ones that come with a metallic feel are believed to be even better, with full-length pants being one of the better choices as the bottom.

Outfit Ideas for Men

The rave fashion for men changes fairly frequently, so you need to keep this in mind before you continue reading.


Rave masks are a popular option here. However, an important consideration here is also how unique they are; the criteria for them is that the more unique they are, the better an option they are for a rave party.

Some guys also like to put on some cool rave sunglasses.


The party experts say that a guy can’t go wrong with a cool arc-reactor shirt at a rave party. However, some swear by tank tops as well.

The idea here is the same as for the head, with the uniqueness of the pattern being a crucial factor to consider.


The options for hands are pretty much the same for men as for women, with LED gloves being an all-round hit here.


There’s a plethora of options when it comes to rave pants for men. However, most like to avoid the usual, boring jeans, with a popular choice being the type of rave pants that glow in the dark.


There aren’t many options here, with the most popular one being the neon-colored leg warmers. However, for some people, even the plasma LED rave shoes work really well.

This applies for both men and women, as the options for the feet are pretty much the same for both.