Guide to Eyeliners

Individuals like to make their eyes look dramatic either with eye shadows or eyeliners. Eyeliner in particular can make the eye extremely enhanced or just add a touch to give the eye a certain level of pop! Eyeliner has been around for many years dating back to the Egyptians and Mesopotamians. What is interesting is that the Egyptians wore eyeliner to protect them from the heat of the sun in the desert as well as for aesthetic purposes. Nowadays, we wear eyeliner to give their eyes definition and enhancement. It is a compact makeup necessity that can fit in any bag and also be included in any makeup kit. Eyeliner, when applied in various forms, can also change the shape of your eye: make it look longer, wider, or smaller.

The effect that one pencil can make is quite miraculous. We have all seen the classic eyeliner color in black. But nowadays, eyeliner comes in multiple colors, but also in different shapes and sizes as well. There are gel, twistable and mechanical pencil, liquid, felt tip, kajal, thick and thin types of eyeliners. Gel eyeliner is very creamy and can be applied with a brush or a q-tip. Twistable eyeliner does not need the use of a sharpener and can be used as short or as

long as you would like. You control the length of the twistable eyeliners. With mechanical pencil eyeliner, you also control the length and the some may like the strength aspect that they can apply more pressure with the mechanical pencil while the twistable one is a bit more delicate. Liquid eyeliner takes a bit of practice and requires attention to detail. This type of eyeliner is an easy one to make mistakes with especially for the top of the eyelid and for the famous “cat eye” look. It definitely takes practice, but once you get it, the “cat eye” will look amazing. Most use

this type of eyeliner for the “cat eye” look, but either type of eyeliner can be used for the “cat eye.” A felt tip eyeliner is somewhat like a marker. It gives you more control and the color is expressed as you apply pressure to the tip when making a line. Furthermore, a kajal eyeliner may be a go to for someone who yearns to have eyeliner on for hours, but it can be a bit messy. On the other hand, kajal eyeliner can be easily smudged for that smoky eye effect. Now, many of these types of eyeliners come with either a thick or a thin tip, so that is up to the individual and

what type of effect they are going for. You may use a thicker tip for the upper eyelid and a thinner one for the lower lid or vice versa. It is per preference.

Seeing that there are numerous types of eyeliners based on effect, efficacy, and preference with what one’s hand is comfortable using, there are also smear proof eyeliners, waterproof eyeliners and water-resistant eyeliners. We have all experienced a time where we want to rub our eyes and forget that we have eyeliner on or we have long flights and still want to wake up looking glamorous but we noticed that our eyeliner smeared. Now, there are smear

proof eyeliners which individuals can purchase for those long days or long flights. The products may have micropigments that aid in keeping the eyeliner put and not smearing. Additionally, keep in mind that if you are looking for an eyeliner that is either water resistant versus waterproof, water resistant has to do more with those who are more prone to watery eyes, while waterproof means impermeable to water such as being in a pool or ocean. Now knowing some more information about the history of eyeliner, the different types they are produced as, it is now up to you to see which style can give you that pop you are looking for!