Review: Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard- Before And After Pictures Included

IMG_2680 I received Aunt Jackie's Defining Curl Custard in the December curlBOX. While I have wanted to try some things from the brand for months now; this finally gave me my chance. This styling aid is sulfate/paraben free and contains no mineral oil or petrolatum (if you care about such things). They suggest using it on wet or dry hair; using it from the root to the ends. ┬áIt can be used for natural curls, coils and waves. I have been opting for twist outs lately; so I decided to give this a test drive after shampooing my hair. I applied a leave in for moisture, then used a small amount of product on each twist. I tied on a satin scarf and slept with the twists in, allowing them to dry completely. The next day I took them down and did not manipulate my hair any further. My twist out was defined and there was not an ounce of crunchiness! The cream has a light pleasant scent; it includes glycerin, olive oil and shea butter. I have had success when I use it in a puff as well as wash and goes. The product retails for about $10 for 9 oz. defining custardaunt jackie's curl la la aunt jackie's curl la la   Check out before and after photos below!

aunt jackie's custard IMG_2534

The twists were average in size, make sure you don't over use this as you smooth it on!

aunt jackies curl la laaunt jackie's defining custard

The next day (below)

aunt jackies curls and coilsaunt jackies defining curl custard

aunt jackie's curl la la

From what I can see, there are four products in the assortment. I am eager to try the others!

Here's a snap from my Instagram.


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