Beautiful Textures Straightening System: The Aftermath and my Final Thoughts


beautiful texture straightening system


A few weeks ago I was able to try the latest from Beautiful Textures, their texture manageability system. It allows you to achieve a straight look without chemically altering your natural hair. Read about the process and see photos here.

I had it done on a Sunday. Monday it was still straight. Which was perfect because I was attending a holiday party that introduced this innovation. See the evidence below. I was able to cut a rug without incident.

Here is my hair on the third day!

beautiful textures

beautiful textures straightening system

The next days get a wee bit sticky as we were so lucky to get snow here in NYC, and I had to head back to the gym.That’s when memories of my relaxer days kicked in and I pulled my hair up in a really cute bun.

beautiful textures

So one thing is for sure: water, sweat, etc will cause your hair to revert. I didn’t have a major issue with this, but it does say it will last up to six weeks. When I did finally shampoo (8 days after the treatment) I did so with a sulfate free shampoo. They recommend that you use a clarifying one if you want to rinse out the system- I didn’t find that I needed to do this. I did follow with a protein treatment and a hydrating hair mask. I did go through a blow dry and flat ironing session and figured it couldn’t hurt.

I’ve always wanted to try a twist out  on stretched hair. So I gave that a go too!

After my shampoo and deep conditioning session I twistsed my hair per usual; to date I have not discovered any heat damage or pieces that didn’t revert.

My opinion remains the same…If you are looking to straighten without a relaxer, give this a try!

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