Beautiful Textures Reversible Hair Straightening System: Check Out My Experience with Felicia Leatherwood+ Is This System Right For You?

beautiful textures straightening system Yesterday I had the grand opportunity to head to the lovely LW Salon to preview a new product made by one of my favorite hair companies; Beautiful Textures.I am no stranger to the brand, many of their products are staples for my natural hair. This system has been going through rigorous testing by over 2,000 REAL women. Celebrity stylist Felicia Leatherwood and educator Pam Hogan have been able use it on many different hair types under a variety of conditions. As someone who has not relaxed in about seven years; I can't say I miss the burning process. But the end result (for me), sleek,  straight and bouncy hair is something I wouldn't mind having once in a while. Sure that can be done without a perm- a trip to the Dominican salon for a blow out  or a weave. But here's the catch: many blow outs leave can overtime leave you with heat damage and the only way to rid yourself of that is to cut out the damaged hair. A weave is a great way to switch it up, but my natural hair will never blend with the texture of said (straight) weave and I'm scared to be that girl with kinky hair peeping from a texture that is not all like mine. That's where this revolutionary system comes in! The Inner- Active four step system links with your hair's own natural proteins to improve manageability. What does that mean for you? Reversible straight hair that lasts up to 4-6 weeks (to remove sooner, use a clarifying shampoo). It does not change your hair's natural curls, coils, kinks and waves. It protects against humidity and aids in gentle, easy detangling. beautiful textures texture manageability system Felicia started with shampooing my hair (twice) with the gentle cleansing shampoo. She then applied the Inner-Active leave in conditioner and left it on about 15-18 minutes. Neither of the aforementioned steps required her to wear gloves. She then proceeded to blow my hair dry.  The final step was using the flat iron throughout my hair (temp was on 400 degrees). There was no smoke, burning smells or otherwise cause for alarm (heat damage). I have had maybe 3 total blow outs since becoming natural and this, by far, has been my best experience! I left the salon with hair that had movement  and body, I didn't smell like I'd been through a fire. Felicia lightly trimmed my ends after straightening. For this system she suggested that before you begin flat ironing test a small piece of your hair at 300 degrees; from there you can determine what heat setting you need for optimal results. If you desire a looser curl pattern or want to temporarily wear straight hair, this kit is something I'd recommend you looking into. Priced at $8- it s very affordable! Check out before, during and after photos! twist out natural hair

Twist out on natural hair.

twist out beautiful textures curl butter

curly to straight beautiful textures Half done! (obvi)

beautiful textures

BT Style Freedom beautiful textures straightening system beautiful textures straightening system

All done!

beautiful textures

LW salon

Felicia Leatherwood

Myself and Ms.Leatherwood

Stay tuned for updates on how this is working for me. If you follow me on instagram you are probably aware that I have an aggressive gym schedule. Follow me here to get up to the minute updates on how my hair behaves during and after my workouts.



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