Cover Fx: Bronzed fx – swatches and pics

I have been a fan of Cover fx for about three years now. Known for their wide range of foundation shades; it is also dermatologist recommended. Burn victims, people with vitiligo reach for coverfx. I own most of their complexion products, and decided to finally cop the bronzed fx. I first purchased "Garnet" at The Makeup Show and the people at Cover Fx were gracious enough to send me one in "Topaz" both are very nice colors. Below are swatches and pics. Have you tried any Cover Fx products? If so what are you loving?   Isn't garnet such a rich beautiful color? I am in love! I am going give pink topaz a run first. I think on these hot ass 100 degree days Cover FX tinted moisturizer, mascara and a swipe of that blush will do the trick! Total side bar....have you tried their brushes? Friggin amazing. Here are a few I would recommend.   You find Cover Fx at many Sephora's and



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